LED light manufacture in Delhi



                                                                      LED BASED LANTERN 12W

  Features at a Glance:-

*2 Models – MNRE compliant and low cost model

*Microcontroller based design

*Constant current regulation for LED drive

*2-stage charging optimizes battery performance

*Integrated temperature compensation

*Dusk to Dawn with switch control

*Mobile Charger (optional)

*2 stage Dimming

*Two LED indicators: Charging status/Low Battery/ Fault conditions

*Protections :-

-PV/Battery reverse polarity

-Reverse current flow from battery to solar array

-Battery Over charge, Deep Discharge

-Load Short Circuit, over load




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LED Lantern 12watt  with 10 W Solar Panel+ Mobile Charger









·    *With 6/12 watt LED lamp (branded).

·    *12V – 7.2 AH Battery.

·     *6 to 7 Hours Battery Back Up.

·    *To be operated on 12 V – 10W Solar Panel.

·    *Charging both in AC and DC mode.

·     *90% Battery backup cut-off.

·     *Battery low cut-off.

·     *Battery low Indication.

·     *Battery over charge protection.

·     *Solar panel 12V/ 10 W with 2mtr wire.

·     *Battery Low -Red LED.

·    *Charging - Green LED.

·    *With mobile charger.