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Animal Solar Fencing


                                                                               ANIMAL SOLAR FENCING 

 Agriculture fence :

Fence is designed to protect agriculture crops from domestic and wild animals like Wild Boar, Monkeys, Cows, Buffaloes, Gaur, Daisy etc. Fence design shall be exclusively to meet the targeted animal(s) installed around the crop using existing posts. Posts can be Wooden, RCC, Stone, etc duly grouted on the ground to carry fence strands along the perimeter.Total number of strands, gap between stands height of the fence shall be designed based on the targeted animal(s).
Forest Fence :-
Fence is designed to protect villages located in the forest or nearby forest areas. Main threat to the villagers shall be from wild Elephants and Bears. In general the fence shall consist of 5 strands from ground level with fence height of about 6 feet.Recommended posts for the fence construction shall be MS galvanized of 8.5 feet length. Fence may also have elephant.