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Security Fence :
Security Fence is designed to keep out predators, thieves, trespassers and vandals. Major applications shall be to protect Residences, Godowns, Manufacturing units, Gated Communities,Police Stations, Schools & Colleges etc., from any intrusion.System will not only detect but also deny intrusion by giving a short, sharp and safe shock to the intruder. It consists of minimum 10 strands on wall top (in general) and minimum number of Powering units.Powering unit shall consist of Single channel Energizer, Alarm unit, Charger, Battery, Metal enclosure and Neon tester. Maximum length that can be covered using a Powering unit is 12000 running meters. Gate can also be electrified without causing any inconvenience to the users.It denies entry by climbing the gate.System shall raise an alarm upon:Tampering, Cutting of strands, Shorting of liveand ground strands, Climbing fence with the help of heavy-duty insulation, Battery low,Unauthorized switching off Energizer etc.When properly designed and installed, a security fence is the least expensive, safest, and most secure method for securing property and lives when compared to walls, other types of fences, human guards and watchdogs. The fence does NOT sleep. The fence CANNOT be bribed. The fence does NOT require food or water. A well-designed electric fence has more deterrence value than a guard with a sawed off shotgun or a snarling pit bull.